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Paint the Town Pussy

Protesting the arrest of Japanese artist, Rodukenashiko

On July 15, 2014, Japanese artist, Rodukenashiko was arrested for "distributing data that could create an obscene shape through a 3D printer (StraitsTimes)."

The project that lead to Rodukenashiko's sentence is called Pussy Boat, a 3D printed kayak in the shape of her vulva. Rodukenashiko, whose mission is to eliminate the taboo surrounding the vagina in Japanese culture, was raising money via a crowd-funding site to fund the printing of this kayak. In appreciation of her donors, she emailed the data file used to print her boat to 30 patrons. While Japan's obscenity laws do forbid the depiction of actual genitalia, officials still regarded this data as potentially offensive and indecent.


In protest of Rodukenashiko's arrest, I "distributed data" of my own in different prefectures and attractions of Japan. My data (stickers) displays a sketch of my own Manko (Japanese slang for cunt regularly employed by Rodukenashiko) surrounded by my plea "Free Rodukenashiko." I "painted the town pussy" to show my dissaproval of Rodukenashiko's arrest and to promote her work. Rodukenashiko's work is not made with malicious intent or for shock value. 

Her attempt is to convey to her culture that

condemning the vagina by referring to it as "down there," is deprecating. With its lack of recognition, "vagina" is deemed a bad word. Therefore, her work is humorous to make the vagina "casual and pop" (International Business Times). The artist admits that the impetus for her work stems from never having "seen other images of women's pussies" and thinking that hers "was abnormal."



When creating my data for the protest, I had a similar realization that I had no common image or symbol in mind to put on the stickers to convey a universal vagina or vulva. Contrarily, I have stock imagery for a penis that could be easily rendered and ubiquitously recognized. It concerned me that I had to research this in order to put an easily identifiable vulva on my stickers. Despite my research, one could argue, the vulva is still not entirely discernible. 

As for now, Rodukenashiko has been released from her arrest, but faces up to two years in prison and fines up to $25,000. The artist's defense attorney, Kazuyuki Minami, claims that "the legal definition of what counts as obscenity is vague in Japan, and the key point of debate will be deciding whether the vagina itself can be considered obscene" (Reuters). With a culture colored with an extensive porn industry, sexualized Manga, and penis festivals, this debate will address some major questions of its body politic. 


The outcome of her trial will solidify what it means to be a Japanese female. Hopefully, it won't mean regarding a female's anatomy shamefully or convinced that her vagina is offensive to the Japanese public.


It is my deepest hope that Rodukenashiko will be cleared of her charges and the courtroom dialogue will augment a grander discussion for the society at large. 



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Straight, 2013 

recorded performance

Aftercourse, 2013 

found objects, paint, wood, 6x8x4'

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