Artist Statement (IN-PROGRESS)

when small words made big worlds



The coming-of-age con. 


I am told I should feel grown up now. Yet, how can I go about finding ‘who I really am’ if growing up is based on entering American society, as it is, quietly validating it as the best possible option for the next few years of my life? Quiet social integration, right now? No, thank you. 


While I toil mentally with the fabricated distance between child and adult, I am building the resurrection space for my seven-year-old self: Sid-the-Kid.


With the seemingly upward progression of coming-of-age, encouraged by cultural markers like prom and graduation and solidified by heteronormative capitalism, I think about those childhood selves that came before. Where did they go? How do we mourn them? And now as an adult, why do we speak about my inner child as if she is sometimes there? 


Supposedly on the other side of my personal coming-of-age story, I resurrect Sid-the-Kid to grapple with the notion of growing-up that most lives are predicated on.

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