Artist Statement 

Preservation of Forgetting 

Preservation of Forgetting is a body of work in which I labor to let go. By handling objects that are already forgotten, I coerce upon myself the process of forgetting. 


The objects in this work are found discarded, leftover, and secondhand. With a rudimentary version of papier-mâché, I rub every inch of the objects that are not mine with bits of Kraft paper drenched in glue. These items include uneaten pizza, lawn chairs, takeout containers, fake houseplants, teddy bears, jump ropes, hula hoops, yoga balls, clothes, shoes, and more. Once covered and hardened, the mummified objects becomes records of an unusual intimacy and are stacked into sculptural forms.


This time-intensive process becomes a means to get to know the objects. I get to see and feel how they were touched, what lingered in the objects between touch, and, marking with torn paper, how I have touched. These objects reveal the imbedded histories of their previous owners. They become relics for the rest.


By carefully handling our discards, our pollution, these sculptures grow into monuments of touch, but also altars of loss. By doting on the stuff people get rid of, leave behind, forget about, I ask — what do we keep? What do we care for? What doesn’t go in the trash?          What is forgotten about? And, what is not? 

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