T-shirt: Who is Puberty and what does she say?


Remember Puberty?


Remember how she came and went as she pleased? She would never let you know when she was coming back, but would surprise you with pimples. Armpit hair. Overnight growth spurts. Hormonal outbursts. Boobs. Periods. Erections. 

Filling out their training bras, these puberty monsters are flanked by questions that Sidney had as a moody minor. "Who even is Puberty? What's she trying to say? Why is she here?" And with those surprise appearances becoming more frequent, "How much harder can she hit?" 

This shirt series is based on sculptures by Sidney Mullis. Each shirt is a high quality, multi-layer screen print. All T-shirts are printed on unisex Next Level brand 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Double stitched seamless collar. Classic fit.