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December 2022. (UPCOMING) Artist Talk at Collarworks in Troy, NY about group exhibition SOFT PLAY.

November 2022. (UPCOMING) Podcast on Pep Talk for Artists about group exhibition SOFT PLAY.

October 2021. Group Exhibition at Brew House Association in Pittsburgh, PA. 

August 2022. Group exhibition SOFT PLAY opens at Collarworks in Troy, NY with Kelsey Tynik, Melissa Dadourian, & Olivia Baldwin. 


August 2022. TREE ARCH on view in glass vitrine at Brew House Association till late January 2023.  

April 2022. Exhibition Review written by Sidney Mullis about Krystal Difronzo's solo show at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. 


February 2022. Artist Talk at SPACE in downtown Pittsburgh, PA with Andrew Allison, Naomi Chambers, and Anna Azzizy. 

January 2022. Workshop (Dimensional Coloring Book) for kids of all ages at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. 

December 2021. Group Exhibition at SPACE in downtown Pittsburgh, PA curated by Hannah Turpin & Dave Zak. 

December 2021. At-home project for kids commissioned by the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh now available. Free Download.

November 2021. Hired to redesign and reorganize Education Studio at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art.

November 2021. Group Exhibition at Ejecta Projects in Carlisle, PA curated by Anthony Cervino & Shannon Egan.

September 2021. Interview with Project Gallery V.

September 2021. Essay written by Anna Mirzayan about my studio practice featured on Femme Art Review. 


August 2021. Exhibition Review written by Sidney Mullis about Lacey Hall's solo show at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA.

July 2021. Interview with LVL3 gallery conducted by Kaitlyn Albrecht.

December 2020. Exhibition review written by Emily Burns for solo exhibition at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA . 

November 2020. Solo exhibition at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. 


November 2020. Guest critic to Jackie Brown's Sculpture I course at Bowdoin College. 

September 2020. Interview with Maake Magazine conducted by Andreana Donahue

August 2020. Group Exhibition at Left Field in Los Osos, CA. 

June 2020. Shortlisted for solo exhibition at CUE Art Foundation. Top 30 out of 500+.

                     Paneled by artist Guadalupe Maravilla, curator Sohrab Mohebbi, artist Ronny Quevedo, and curator Legacy Russell.


June 2020. “Letters To My Students” published in Grizzly, Grizzly summer tabloid. Page 19. Free Download. 


May 2020. Virtual Group Exhibition at Young Space. Curated by Kate Mothes (Young Space) and Celine Mo (VICTORI + MO Gallery).


May 2020. Started 7-month residency at Bunker Projects to continue to build upon when small words made big worlds


March 2020. Solo exhibition at Wick Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC. Exhibition Catalogue.


January 2020. DE:FORMAL Interview


January 2020. Friend of the Artist Interview conducted by Thomas Flynn II. 


January 2020. Wassaic Project Interview conducted by Joe Brommel. 

November 2019. Group Gif Exhibition at the STIFF Film Festival in Rijeka, Croatia. 

October 2019. Artist Talk with Christopher Staley’s Art & Life class at Penn State University.

July 2019. Group Exhibition at FJORD in Philadelphia, PA. 

July 2019. Artworks from Preservation of Forgetting collected by Powerhouse Arts in Brooklyn, NYC. 

July 2019. Artist-in Residence with fellowship at The Wassaic Project

June 2019. Finalist for solo exhibition at Ortega y Gasset

June 2019. Women’s Studio Workshop Interview conducted by Marisa Malone. 

June 2019. Group Exhibition at Prism Contemporary in Blackburn, England. Curated by girlsgirlsgirls. 

May 2019. Artist-in-Residence at the Women’s Studio Workshop

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